Obsession with place comes with relocating 30 times in nearly 50 years. Engagement is key to discovery. Understanding the environment is the key to adaptation. And understanding self is the key to fining one’s place.
The journey of discovery is rich with experiences. It takes multi-sensory engagement to feel and interpret it all.

These paintings all began with an outsiders perspective and the conscious intent to communicate experience. They are layered with notions of culture and history, and are infused with whispers from the artist’s subconscious. Her paintings share her observations about people and culture, the built and natural worlds, and the intersections of past and present. Central to these works are musings about the new elements of place we choose to call our own and the elements that we leave behind when we move on. Andrea strives to illicit an emotional response to her work, which in turn, gives the viewer reason to wonder and to remember.

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The Canal, 36" x 80" SOLD

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